1. How long does my hair need to be for me to get Sisterlocks? 

You need a minimum of 1½ inches of natural hair for you to get your Sisterlocks installed.

2. Can I get Sisterlocks with a perm?

Yes you can. All you need to do is have 1½ inches of new growth. You don't need to cut out the permed part during installs, you can do it with time as the Sisterlocks settle in.

3. How much does it cost? 

The cost of installation varies with the length and density of your hair. The cost is determined during consultation.

4. How do I know the person doing my hair has been trained?

I have put a list on the facebook page of my mentees whom I have trained and can install your hair to avoid impersonators.

5. What is the Sisterlocks package?

You will expect to have a consultation with a consultant or trainee, have an installation, customer starter kit and 1st customer follow up.

6. Where can I get Sisterlocks products? 

Studio 28 in Kenya have the products so you can pay a visit or call 0708253853 to have them delivered. 

7. How frequently do I get my Sisterlocks retightened?

Re-tight appointments highly depend on your hair curl pattern and depth. You will be able to know your curl pattern during the consultation and learn more about it.

8. Once I install, how do I take care of them?

Sisterlocks give you freedom so you don't have to be worried much about how to take care of them. Much of the care involves keeping your retightening appointments, keeping the Sisterlocks moist and avoiding oils. Your scalp should be able to generate enough oil to maintain them. You also need to be keen to follow the required procedure while washing the Sisterlocks to avoid slippage which also depends on your curl pattern.

9. Can I take care of my own Sisterlocks? 

Yes you can. You can attend a self - retightening class where you can learn how to do it yourself.

10. Where can I get more information in Kenya?

At Studio 28 you can get answers to the questions you have or call 0708253853

11. Is there a Sisterlocks community in Nairobi? 

Yes there is and it keeps growing as days go by. For a more interactive session you can like our Facebook page Studio 28 Sisterlocks and get to learn more about other Sisters' journeys.

12. How can I join mentorship programmes?

You can get in touch with one of the stylists who will guide you through. You can call or WhatsApp (+254)708253853 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.